FAQ (answered by the owner/photographer of One Source, Josh)

How much does a photo shoot cost?
Prices can range from as little as $150 for some basic head shots to over $1000 for a full day at multiple locations. The most popular shoots run between $250 and $300, which typically include 3-5 different looks on location, all the images from the shoot on a disc, and 3-5 edits.

After a shoot, when can I expect photos?
Many clients get a disc or USB drive with all the photos the same day of the shoot. Once the client chooses their favorites to be edited, they can expect to receive the edited versions within a week.

I need photos ASAP. How soon can we shoot and when can I expect the photos?
Naturally, availability depends on the schedule; however, shoots have taken place within a day or two after booking. If edits need to be expedited, same day editing is available at a small additional fee.

Can you do head shots for actors or models?
Of course. Though head shots seem like a simple task, I know how important they can be. After all, they can mean the difference between getting your big break and losing out on a gig of a lifetime.

Can you shoot fashion or glamour?
Definitely. Most of the bookings that come in are characteristic of these genres. Being professional, discreet, and respectful are important when working together to create captivating photographic artwork.

Can you shoot my album cover?
Yes. As an ex touring artist, I have a special place in my heart for album covers and musician photography.

How about wedding photography?
Weddings are not something usually done, but couples or engagement photos are always fun!

Do you accept credit/debit cards?
Sure thing, via PayPal online or by using a card reader in person.



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